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Drill Rig There are 6 products.

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  • Solid combination of versatility and efficiency The rigs provide the optimum combination of air flow and air pressure Highest drilling economy and productivity

  • Perfect balance between productivity and efficiency New benchmark for drilling in mining and large quarry applications Rugged, multifunctional rigs rise to meet the tough drilling demands

  • For selective mining, aggregate quarrying and limestone quarrying Combines high penetration rates with superior hole quality in the most challenging conditions The drilling gives optimal blasting results, increasing safety and quality in the whole operation

  • Tricone and down the hole hammer drill for 140mm to 200mm (5-1/2” to 7-7/8”) holes. Excellent serviceability Small footprint Robust I-beam frame

  • Surface drill rig for quarrying and construction Excellent rig stability means operator safety and productivity High bench drilling thanks to great flushing capacity Sturdy boom and feed means more power and straight holes

  • The low fuel SmartROC CL is one of the most powerful and resourceful surface drill rigs we’ve ever built. Equipped with the hard-wearing COP 5060 CR, your SmartROC CL will productively see you through in any conditions. The SmartROC CL is expertly designed to give you what you’re really drilling for – higher productivity and profitability.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items